Reiki Courses

Reiki training has four levels, starting from Level A till the Masters Level, each level extending for there to four weeks and the cost is quite reasonable. Attunement process takes place during the initial classes itself and the rest of the classes are used to practice the healing and gain expertise in the same.

There are options for online courses as well, for interested people who cannot make to the classes physical for some reason or the other.

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Reiki level three (masters)

This two day course is suitable for the student who is feeling ready to start teaching Reiki

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Reiki level one and two

A combination of One and Two where students will gain the skills and knowledge of both levels in one session

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Reiki level two

On this two day course you will learn three symbols these symbols increase the power of the reiki and will enable you to do distant

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Reiki level one

Reiki level one is for beginners and is a very simple course lasting one day. You do not need to have any background in

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What some of our clients are saying!

I really enjoyed it! My back feels much better and I feel relaxed! Amazing experience! I would highly recommend it!


Wow! What a relaxing experience. The most relaxed I have felt in a  long time. I look forward to my next one! Thanks.


I feel like a Princess whose been magically healed by a Mother Earth Goddess! Thankyou  for this special nurturing time. I feel priveleged to be here in this time and space.


I had bad pains in my stomach and due to my pain I had been getting backache. So I had reiki done and it was only for 5 minutes and after my pain from my belly and back went. Its amazing how it works.


Magical, this lady can open your heart and soul, relax you and bring you inner peace, whatever you may be going through in life. She has an amazing gift.