Reiki level one

Reiki level one

Reiki level one is for beginners and is a very simple course lasting one day. You do not need to have any background in Reiki to do this course, just an open mind and a desire to heal yourself and others. Once you have completed the training you will need to regularly practice Reiki on yourself to encourage the flow of ‘ki’. Reiki is an innate human ability and because of this you will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to not only help yourself but those around you.

I take a gentle and balanced approach to Reiki, always working at a pace comfortable for each student. My class sizes are a maximum of six which i find gives the student time for as much one to one attention as is needed. Reiki is a joy to learn as well as to teach and it will bring amazing health benefits throughout your life, it will change your life forever in such a positive way. If you have any questions please call me any time before 9pm Mondays to Fridays.

During this course one attunement will be given, this helps to cleanse and balance the energy system, making it easier to perceive and work with ki. It is recommended that you have at least four weeks for your body to adjust to the ki before starting level two. During the attunement process the student is reconnected to the source , enabling the student to be able to channel the universal life force energy for healing purposes.

The topics covered in level one are as follows


What is Reiki

History of Reiki

Reiki Attunements

Giving Reiki treatments

Reiki self healing

Treating plants and animals with Reiki

Progression in the Usui System

Ethical Principles of Reiki

Causations of Dis- harmony and Dis-ease

Reiki By Rekha