One treatment

One treatment

Reiki, also referred to as the healing life force energy, flows through a Reiki practitioner during the Attunement process in the Reiki training course. Once the Reiki student has been attuned, he or she can carry out the Reiki treatment process. The life energy moves through the practitioners during their healing act, to client people and animals, and to situations and objects. Thus Reiki treatments can be implemented on anything alive. When the Reiki master provides the Reiki treatment, he often places his hands in different positions over the client’s body.

Benefits of Reiki Treatment

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing using the universal life force energy ( the chi, the ki, the prana, the barakah)to bring balance within the human body. This energy helps to return the body to wholeness physically ,mentally and emotionally .

As we are currently living in very stressful times this type of healing has become very popular as clients see the healing benefits for themselves. Reiki has healing benefits on most types of dis – eases. For example physical diseases such as aches and pains in the body, period pains ,headaches, back pain etc to mental and emotional such as stress, anxiety , depression , panic attacks, insomnia , anger issues and so on. It truly is an amazing form of healing.

Reiki By Rekha